My practice focuses on the transmission of ancestral communal knowledge, this process aims to encourage and strengthen the connection within the community through socialization, touch and movement (collective dances).

The adaptation of this knowledge has allowed me to create safe spaces where we can meet as a group, trust each other and develop together towards achieving a common voice. It is not just about people learning how to use their voices and perform in social spaces, but to learn how to subvert, how to transgress and how to break through social standards. I use its simbolism as alternatives to the status quo and antidote to totalitarian political systems.

Carried by the momentum of these new-old rhythms, patterns, steps, and through the common and constant connection with other bodies we turn sensitive and aware of contact. This way of experiencing other bodies has allowed me to approach from other perspectives, and concentrate on the importance of intimacy and trust and its relevance in the search for new forms of collective life. Especially for women and LGBTIQ+, and the experience of power and oppression over the body.

This approach has led to projects with "Tanz die Toleranz" in Austria and Moldova, with the International Charity Children Flotilla "Kids for freedom" in Turkey, and TANZ 60 PLUS for Festspielhaus St. Pölten.

Short video from my work on community dance in Festspielhaus St. Pölten with the 60 plus group

Connecting people throught touch and movement, encouraging creativity and strenghtening the connection with the community

Special thanks to "Estudio El gozo" for the amazing video

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Kreativer Kindertanz 

Creative dance for children // Tuesday 

15:00 -15:50 and 16:00-16:50

Urban Dances // Tuesday 17:00-17:55


Ich bin O.K.

O.K. Modern Tanz 2B (from 16 years old on)

 Wednesday 16:00-17:30



Musisches Zentrum

Open Style Choreography  // Every Thursday (in German)

Course 1 (8-9 years old): 16.00-16.50 Uhr
Course 2 (10-11 years old): 17.00-17.50 Uhr
Course 3 (12-14 years old): 18.00-18.50 Uhr
Course 4 (15-18 years old): 19.00-19.50 Uhr